Severe Weather Advisory

Severe Weather Advisory

Looks as if a severe cold front is heading our way. If so, please AVOID FROZEN PIPES by going to the lowest faucet in the house (usually in the cellar) and running a constant trickle of water until the cold snap passes. It should keep the pipes from freezing.

In case of power OUTAGES or other BGE emergencies, please call
1-877-778-2222or visit  The more calls received from a neighborhood, the better BGE can pinpoint the problem. As many affected neighbors as possible should call.

Please also call our 8th district city hall office at 410-396-4818 to let us know of the problems reported so we can follow-up on your behalf. Even if after hours or on weekends, we will access these office calls remotely.   

Be safe. Stay warm. Check-in on elderly and frail neighbors.

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