Water Bill Discount Programs

The Senior Citizen Discount Program is designed to assist seniors who are residents of the City and who have limited incomes. The principal resident must be 65 or older and have a combined gross income of no more than $25,000. The program is available to tenants who meet these qualifications and can provide proof through a copy of their lease that they are responsible for the water/sewer bill. A simple application may be mailed or downloaded from the www.cleanwaterbaltimore.org website (click on the Customer care tab to find the application on the drop down menu). If approved, the resident is eligible for a 35% reduction in their water/sewer bill, WHICH INCLUDES A 35% REDUCTION TO THEIR STORMWATER FEE.

The Senior Citizen Discount Program Application: http://www.cleanwaterbaltimore.org/flyers/Senior%20Discount%20Application%202013.pdf

The Maryland Bay Restoration Fee Hardship Exemption: This is a State fee that the City collects from its water bill customers and remits to the State. This fee is put into the Bay Restoration Fund and jurisdictions may apply for grant assistance toward the costs to upgrade wastewater treatment plants for Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) facilities. Both of the City’s 2 wastewater treatment plants must have ENR facilities in place by 2017 to help the State meet its Chesapeake Bay protection goals (estimated costs of approximately $900 million). The City is a recipient of these grant funds. Last year the General Assembly doubled the fee to help replenish the fund. This means residents see a $15/quarter charge on their water bill, rather than the previous $7.50/quarter charge. The www.cleanwaterbaltimore.org website (click on the Customer Care tab to find the application on the drop down menu) also has an application for a Bay Restoration Fee Hardship Exemption. If the applicant meets at least 2 of the eligibility conditions (e.g. SSI, food stamps, energy assistance, veterans or social security disability benefits, income criteria) they will be exempt from paying the Bay Restoration Fee AND WILL BE EXEMPT FROM PAYING THEIR STORMWATER FEE (as stipulated in the Stormwater regulations).

The Bay Restoration Fee Exemption Application: http://www.cleanwaterbaltimore.org/flyer/Hardship%20Exemption%20Application%202013.pdf